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Still dreaming...

A year ago, we were sifting and sorting through all the objects which collect in decades of residing in one place. We were readying to sell our building, deciding what should come with us into our new life as a congregation and what should be left behind. The globe that still shows the USSR…that can go. Communion set…that should stay. But what about this book or that picture. What about the art supplies and the banners? What do we really need to live out our call to ministry?

It’s a question we’re still asking. We’ve been in our new space for almost a year. Worshiping, learning, sharing, eating together in one space. We are shaping the space and we are being shaped by it. Throughout the year there have been things that we have continued to set aside, that we have realized we didn’t need to bring with us. Now, it is time to focus on what is next. It is time to ask again, what ministry are we called to? What do we need to move forward?

CCVP 20/20 has begun conversations with our congregation asking about our passions: how we as individuals follow those passions and how our congregation might become (or already is) involved. It’s the start of an answer to what is next. Together we will find our path forward. As part of that, we will need to discuss and affirm what kind of space we need to live into our call.

Together we discerned that we no longer needed to own the building we had spent years in. It was a huge decision and we spent much time in prayer together to hear God’s call. It is time for us to start listening again. As our time and resources have been freed from the burden of the building, we are to start living into something more. Now is time to dream more deeply about what that more will look like.

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